St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic ChurchWelcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Readers & EMHC


Guidelines for EMHCs and Readers

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass and check in with Fr. Niall or the head EMHC to avoid last minute scrambling to fill all positions! If you know in advance you won’t be able to serve as scheduled, rather than swapping with someone, please let Fr. Niall know as he prefers to find subs. 

Readers: If you use the riser, please put it back up out of courtesy to the next reader or Fr. Niall. Always bow at the altar before and after your reading. 

The readings may be found online at (The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). You can read and listen to the readings at that site. A useful site for pronunciation help is This site allows you to hear all proper nouns in the bible by clicking on the name you need to hear. Very user friendly. 

First Reader: First reading and psalms. Be sure to turn on the microphone (the button at the bottom of the arm—a green light will illuminate when it is on. If you would like Fr. Niall to turn it on please let him know before mass). During the sung part of the responsorial, please step back a little from the mic as Doug is our song leader. 

When exiting meet the second reader before the altar and bow together. 

Second Reader: Second reading and Gospel acclamation. After you read the acclamation, immediately close the book and place it on the shelf and leave the ambo. Don’t stay there for the second Alleluia as Fr. Niall will be taking his place then. 

Third reader: the Prayers of the Faithful. Approach the altar AFTER the creed. Stay at the ambo until Fr. Niall has concluded the prayer and the congregation has pronounced the final Amen. Then turn off the mic and return to your seat.