Our restroom project continues this week as we have begun stripping out the walls in the men’s restroom so the old galvanized piping that is in that part of the parish office building can be replaced. This means that there are some very large holes in the walls of the men’s restroom; it may look like we have had an infestation of monster termites! The partitions will also have to be removed, so be aware. However, the women’s restrooms will not be affected.

The reason for doing all this pipe replacement is that we have already had two leaks, but we caught them in time. The water piping is as old as the building itself – forty years. Considering that, it has served us well, but best that we not wait for leak number three, and it becomes a deluge.

During the weeks of June 18 and 25, we will have no water during some of those weekdays. I will remind you again nearer the time and especially remind those of you who come to the weekday masses. The weekend masses will not be affected. At least we are getting this done when we have no CCE or once-monthly breakfasts or mingles. Consider the alternative – an utter mess at the most inopportune time, and all because we were not proactive. There will naturally be lots of inconvenience (especially during the weekdays), but I know you understand this must be done. I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Fr. Niall