Charitable Outreach

St. Catherine of Siena supports our local community in many ways.  One of the most significant ways is through our annual gift to a small, local charity.  As part of our charitable outreach, we donate 10% of our annual income to charities nominated by the parishioners during Lent each year. We have a food drive for a local shelter every month, and as you get to know us, you’ll discover all the other ways we are church, live our faith and serve our neighbors.  Visit our Ministries page to learn about the many Outreach opportunities with our Parish.

“It has always been my contention that we not reinvent the wheel by duplicating any kind of charity outreach, but rather we should join and support those who are already established and are doing a wonderful job. This we have been doing for the last four or five years. Thankfully, we are able to help, not only financially, but also through many volunteer and service hours to different outreach ministries with our fellow Christians at some of our local churches.”


Fr. Niall Nolan, June 2017


Parish Giving

Faith Direct
makes giving easy in support of the work of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Houston.  Creating a Faith Direct account is simple.  Easy to sign up online!  Learn more about Faith Direct here.

Give to any collection offered by our church; choose your credit/debit card or a bank account for payment. Schedule monthly recurring gifts or make a one-time gift at any time, such as to St. Catherine’s Harvey Disaster Relief.


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CODE for St. Catherine of Siena Houston is TX536

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